Black LGBTQ+, Same-Gender Loving (SGL) and Pride!

June is here and there are parades in most major cities across the nation and major brands celebrating the LGBTQ+ community and Pride this month.  

As an identifying Black woman and LGBTQ+ affirming practicing Clinician, I chose to carve out space to promote and support Black Pride, which provides a space for Black LGBTQ+ and SGL multifaceted communities to be authentically who they are during and after pride month. 

The term “same-gender loving” was coined by activist, Cleo Manago, as an affirmation of LGBTQ+ community members of African descent or Black people that exists outside traditional White definitions and experiences, and who do not identify as gay and lesbian.  

Black Prides are grand celebrations such as picnics and dance parties that encourage unapologetic self-expression during or after Pride Month. Black Prides are about coming together, driving positive energy, drawing strength from each other, and focusing on issues such as racism, homophobia, and disparities in proper health and mental health care in the Black communities.

Check out the list below for Black Pride Celebrations in California.  Attending events with people who look like us and with many of the same shared experiences contributes to healthier Black communities.  Show up and show out! 

2023 Black Pride Celebrations 

Unity: Black Pride Hip Hop and R&B Day Party

Los Angeles, CA

Sun. June 18, 2023 5-11PM

Oakland Black Pride Festival 2023

Oakland, CA

Wed. June 28-July 2, 2023

San Diego Black Pride 2023

San Diego, CA

Thur. July 6-Sun July 9, 2023

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